In Ep3 Lee interviews Past National Speakers Association President and brain expert Professor John B Molidor from Michigan State University. They talk about alcohol and speaking, after lunch speaking (!), left brain right brain myths, and lots of other tips to help you engage an audience. 

We talk about presentation anxiety, should we have a beer before we speak?

Data or stories? What works best when speaking to engage an audience?

How can we do a brain-friendly presentation?

Did you know that your brain shrinks? Find out how not to make it shrink!

Dr. John B. Molidor is a Professor of Psychiatry, a CSP, and the Past President of NSA US who has always been interested in how the brain works. As a Professional Speaker, John is intrigued with how the audience’s brain receives and processes what we say. So he set out to research how one can create healthy, brain-friendly, and memorable presentations that are based on key Neuroscience Principles.

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