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Ep 33 - Lee interviews speaker, author and film-maker Big Ian Donaghy and they talk speaking, writing, music, partying with Cameron Diaz and hanging out with Hilda Ogden! Big Ian is a successful keynote speaker, trainer and author and also produces films that are used world-wide for learning. Find out more about Ian and his amazing journey on this fun and down-to-earth podcast or via his website -

You can also find out more about Lee and his work as a speaker and presentation coach here: 

Ep 32 - Lee speaks to Rikki Arundel co-founder of the Professional Speaking Association and an experienced speech/storytelling expert. Enjoy a fun and relaxed chat with Lee and Rikki, as they talk about how they met, their worst speaking gigs, top on-stage and online performance tips, how to find your real-life stories and how to fill a room when presenting. 

Ep 31 - Classical and data storytelling tips with Sam Knowles. Lee chats to Sam Knowles from Insight Agents about his love of classical stories and also the practical and big picture stuff around making data work in presentations. Data storytelling is something that is key to talks in the 21st century.

You can find Lee Jackson the Keynote Speaker and Presentation coach at 

You can contact Sam via his LinkedIn profile here 

Some links story related to the discussion too helpfully provided by Sam:
Robert McKee -
His book Story and Storynomics.
Lots of really interesting evidence, from Aristotle to Joseph Campbell, he of the hero’s journey.
For more on Jungian archetypes and how these underpin all myths around the world, Alexander 'Sandy' Dunlop runs something called the Cultural Myth School of Branding and can be found at
The US podcast, The Business of Story, presented by Park Howell
“The 5 Myths Trump Uses to Wield Power” (episode 234)
“7 Marketing Lessons from the myth of the Plague” (episode 260)
"A Practical Guide to the Story Cycle and Transformational Business Languages” (episode 33)
And finally, Sam's podcast, the Small Data Forum, is… They describe it as “a sideways look at the uses and abuses of data big and small in politics, business, and public life”.

In this episode of Get Good® At Presenting The Podcast - speaker and presentation coach Lee Jackson interviews keynote speaker, tsunami survivor and people reader Michelle Mills Porter (aka MMP). Lee and Michelle talk good and bad storytelling, reading audiences and a lot more in this honest and inspiring interview. Michelle's story is amazing.  

Lee's guest: 

MMP - Michelle Mills Porter is an award-winning Speaker, Author, Master Behaviour Profiler and one of the Top Recommended People on LinkedIn, where she received Platinum Status. She is a multi-award-winning business owner and creator of “The People Reader – the bulletproof system for winning new clients.” Her first business was achieving huge success and making a mark in the industry as the only marketing company in history to be paid on results alone. Winning award after award and enjoying a queue of clients waiting to get onto her books, Michelle decided to celebrate with a couple of exotic holidays and found herself in the middle of the Boxing Day Tsunami. You can find her at 

Do you have to present, speak or train in English and you are not a native English speaker? 

In this special episode, speaker and presentation coach Lee Jackson and his guests give lots of background and top tips for public speaking when English is not your first language - with guests Olga Geidane + Frederika Roberts. 

"When I teach presentation skills I often have delegates who do not speak English as their first language on my courses. And last month I had my first audience of delegates who were all non-native English speakers, wanting me to help them to present better at work. So I thought I need to chat to great speakers who have learned to speak in public in English, and this episode is just that."

The guests: 
Frederika Roberts MAPP PGCE BSc(Hons) MPSA is a Wellbeing / Positive Psychology Speaker, Trainer, Lecturer, Conference & School Speaker. She specialises in Positive Education & Character Education she is at and 

Olga Geidane is an 𝗘𝘅𝗲𝗰𝘂𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗠𝗶𝗻𝗱𝘀𝗲𝘁, 𝗣𝗲𝗿𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗺𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝗖𝗼𝗮𝗰𝗵 and 𝗦𝗽𝗲𝗮𝗸𝗲𝗿 and also a world traveller and host at Olga’s Show. She is at  

You can find out more about our host Lee Jackson's work by visiting


Ep28 - Can we learn to be funny? Or how to be naturally funny - with top comedian + comedy workshop expert Paul 'Silky' White. In this episode Lee Jackson ( talks to his improv and comedy teacher. Silky is not only a great comedian with years of experience around the world but he's also a nice bloke who just wants to help people to be naturally funny. They talk comedy, comedians, speaking, jokes, audiences, events, politics, covid and culture in this fun and honest chat! And to wrap up Silky even gives us an exclusive comedy song live! Silky's website with details of his gigs and comedy workshops is here: 
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(Occasional fruity word, but not explicit btw)

Lee brings together a stellar panel of top award-winning pro speakers to answer the big question...
"What is the future of Speaking and what is the future of the Speaking industry?
In this unique Pro Speakers panel discussion, Lee asks the panel what do they do different now they deliver online and how have they changed their business model to help their clients post-COVID.
The panel consists of Wellbeing expert Pam Burrows, Neuro-science expert/President-elect of the Professional Speaking Association Dr Lynda Shaw, Motivational expert and Chief Zookeeper Nigel Risner, Researcher and Massive goals Speaker David Hyner, Corporate Sales expert Simon Hazeldine and Entrepreneurial mindset expert/Chair of the Professional Speaking Association Rebecca Jones!
Enjoy a lively debate with top tips (occasional light swear words) and honest appraisals of where we are now and how we can adapt to thrive in the Learning and development world in this new season.
P.S. We banned the use of the words "unprecedented" and "new normal" :) 

Find out what all our speakers are doing post-coronavirus here:

Ep26 - Presenting post-Covid-19 - what has changed and what has stayed the same? In this episode, Lee is interviewed live on Zoom by Richard Michie on the Marketing Optimist lunch and learn event. Lee reflects on what he thinks has changed since the virus and lockdown and what remains the same. They talk about technical stuff, body language, the events industry as a whole and answer questions from "the floor". Enjoy, and please do share and subscribe. 

Ep25 - Speaking, workshops and wellbeing tips with guest Pam Burrows - People Booster. Pam is a very experienced speaker and trainer delivering important wellbeing work in organisations large and small. She is a fellow of the Professional Speaking Association and an-round fun person! Pam not only shares top tips for speaking, training and workshop engagement but also Lee gets her to tell us some ways for us to stay well during the coronavirus lockdown. Pam can be found here: and Lee's website is here: Subscribe now for more episodes of down to earth tips for you to be the best you can be when presenting both on or offline. 

In this episode, Lee interviews Rob Geraghty a presentation coach with a telecoms background. They talk about getting the most out of the online meetings and talks we have to deliver. They talk about 'virtual presence', being more punchy/conversational, the advantages of having a co-host and much more. Rob can be found here: and Lee can be found here: And don't forget Lee's popular 'Get Good At Presenting' book is now available on Audible, you can get it via a free months trial or just buy it outright. Includes some extra content and an accompanying PDF too, just click here...

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