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Ep10 - How to get your voice heard and engage an audience with incoming PSA President Steve Bustin. Steve is a former journalist and got into professional speaking and communication coaching fairly naturally, he is a speaker and presentation coach and works out of Brighton, in the UK. Learn how a journalist who introduced the internet to the BBC became a speaker, find out the importance of improv and why you should never use a written script when public speaking. A fun interview with a genuine expert. He is at and

Leon Bamforth is the current champion of the national speaking competition 'Speaker Factor'. Speaker Factor is the annual competition for the newer members of the Professional Speaking Associaton across the UK & Ireland. In this episode, Lee asks Leon to share what tips and tricks he took on board to go from a so-so speech to becoming the winner of a national competition in front of 200 professional speakers! You can find Leon at

Ep9 - How to win a speaking competition with Lee's guest, the award-winning speaker Leon Bamforth. 

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Ep8 - Laughs and learning with Lee's special guest John Archer - Britains Got Talent Semi-finalist, BAFTA award-winning comedian and the first person ever to fool Penn and Teller! In this episode, Lee and John have a relaxed conversation about how John went from being a Police Officer to a full-time performer. They also talk about the keys to speaking in larger venues, creating new material, remembering the order of your content, how not to get bored when delivering, getting laughs and much more. Two old mates talk comedy legends, speaking and performing. John is on tour constantly and is the UK's most popular comedy magician, he also teaches lots of new magicians in the art of on-stage banter and comedy magic. Enjoy. John's website is you can also follow him on twitter here.

When a fellow speaker is in your hometown, I thought that at least I could do was to say hello, pick them up, take them to the train station and record the conversation along the way! In this episode, we talk about the art and practicalities of great storytelling and much more with my guest Alan Stevens aka The Mediacoach. We also talk about the sights of Leeds, David Bowie, Emmerdale, Victoria Wood, the PSA, Comedy and peoples insecurities on stage! Enjoy and learn with a fun chat with my guest Alan Stevens aka The Mediacoach -

(P.S. People on social media can get a little wound up when they hear that you have recorded something in a car. So let me be clear: the recording device was fixed to the car and we do not touch it at all during our journey. We were in effect just having a chat in the car and happen to record it. No laws were broken in the making of this podcast, thank you!)

As a little extra yuletide bonus for Christmas 2018 - Lee's shares his number one top tip for new speakers. 

It's short and snappy and will help you to become a better speaker. 



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In this fun interview in Asda's very posh car park (!) Lee talks about the business of speaking with John Hotowka FPSA PSAE - they talk about after dinner speaking, magic, marketing and preparing for a speaking gig.

Learn the questions to ask an event organiser and a lot of other things in this videoed interview.

The video is here: and John's website is 

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Ep4 - a special episode from Ambition North with Geoff Ramm and Phil Hesketh - Lee treats you to a second of Geoff Ramm's keynote at Ambition North business conference, then Lee, Phil Hesketh and Geoff Ramm dissect the talk and talk about what worked and why. They talk about making stories come alive, great content, the power of purpose, the pause, eyebrows, oh and they nearly get shot! Enjoy. 

In Ep3 Lee interviews Past National Speakers Association President and brain expert Professor John B Molidor from Michigan State University. They talk about alcohol and speaking, after lunch speaking (!), left brain right brain myths, and lots of other tips to help you engage an audience. 

We talk about presentation anxiety, should we have a beer before we speak?

Data or stories? What works best when speaking to engage an audience?

How can we do a brain-friendly presentation?

Did you know that your brain shrinks? Find out how not to make it shrink!

Dr. John B. Molidor is a Professor of Psychiatry, a CSP, and the Past President of NSA US who has always been interested in how the brain works. As a Professional Speaker, John is intrigued with how the audience’s brain receives and processes what we say. So he set out to research how one can create healthy, brain-friendly, and memorable presentations that are based on key Neuroscience Principles.

In our second episode, Lee shares part 2 of his talk made at the Profesional Speaking Association's conference 'Inspire'. He shares with new speakers what he has learnt in 10 years as a Pro. Probably "The most honest talk I've ever heard about speaking". He shares about UK comedy legend Ken Dodd, why speaking in schools is not for everyone and the most important thing that many business speakers forget!  

In the first-ever episode, Lee shares part 1 of his talk made at the Profesional Speaking Association's conference 'Inspire'. He shares with new speakers what he has learnt in 10 years as a Pro. Probably "The most honest talk I've ever heard about speaking". 

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