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The no-nonsense guide to authentic + engaging public speaking with Lee Jackson PSAE - an award-winning Motivational Speaker + Presentation Coach

Lee brings together a stellar panel of top award-winning pro speakers to answer the big question...
"What is the future of Speaking and what is the future of the Speaking industry?
In this unique Pro Speakers panel discussion, Lee asks the panel what do they do different now they deliver online and how have they changed their business model to help their clients post-COVID.
The panel consists of Wellbeing expert Pam Burrows, Neuro-science expert/President-elect of the Professional Speaking Association Dr Lynda Shaw, Motivational expert and Chief Zookeeper Nigel Risner, Researcher and Massive goals Speaker David Hyner, Corporate Sales expert Simon Hazeldine and Entrepreneurial mindset expert/Chair of the Professional Speaking Association Rebecca Jones!
Enjoy a lively debate with top tips (occasional light swear words) and honest appraisals of where we are now and how we can adapt to thrive in the Learning and development world in this new season.
P.S. We banned the use of the words "unprecedented" and "new normal" :) 

Find out what all our speakers are doing post-coronavirus here:

Ep26 - Presenting post-Covid-19 - what has changed and what has stayed the same? In this episode, Lee is interviewed live on Zoom by Richard Michie on the Marketing Optimist lunch and learn event. Lee reflects on what he thinks has changed since the virus and lockdown and what remains the same. They talk about technical stuff, body language, the events industry as a whole and answer questions from "the floor". Enjoy, and please do share and subscribe. 

Ep25 - Speaking, workshops and wellbeing tips with guest Pam Burrows - People Booster. Pam is a very experienced speaker and trainer delivering important wellbeing work in organisations large and small. She is a fellow of the Professional Speaking Association and an-round fun person! Pam not only shares top tips for speaking, training and workshop engagement but also Lee gets her to tell us some ways for us to stay well during the coronavirus lockdown. Pam can be found here: and Lee's website is here: Subscribe now for more episodes of down to earth tips for you to be the best you can be when presenting both on or offline. 

In this episode, Lee interviews Rob Geraghty a presentation coach with a telecoms background. They talk about getting the most out of the online meetings and talks we have to deliver. They talk about 'virtual presence', being more punchy/conversational, the advantages of having a co-host and much more. Rob can be found here: and Lee can be found here: And don't forget Lee's popular 'Get Good At Presenting' book is now available on Audible, you can get it via a free months trial or just buy it outright. Includes some extra content and an accompanying PDF too, just click here...

Ep23 - Remote / Virtual Speaking tips from a Hollywood star

In this episode, Lee interviews fellow speaker Dominic Colenso. Dominic used to be an actor and was famous for many roles including playing the part of Virgil Tracy in the Hollywood adaptation of Thunderbirds! They talk about his transition into Speaking and Presentation Coaching and the fundamental differences between acting and speaking. Lots of laughs, and of course tips on virtual/remote speaking too, ideal for our Zoom heavy world of work right now! Make your presentations better today. 

Dominic is here: 

and Lee is here:

This is not a podcast episode as such, it is a link to a special and free extra podcast/radio show!

Last weekend Lee was interviewed on Radio Sangam by Martin Morrison about his early life, his transition from youth worker to professional speaker and then he was asked to give his Top 5 Tips for presenting and his Top 10 music tracks! So it's a fun show with learning too. Because of music rights issues, this show can not become a podcast, but it is available on Mixcloud and as a direct link.

The links are below - enjoy...

Mixcloud streaming service: 

Direct link: 

Lee Jackson's website and speaking services are all here:





Ep22 - Coronavirus and Speakers - honest thoughts for speakers everywhere in the light of the Coronavirus crisis. Lee shares off the cuff and with honesty about the Coronavirus and how it has devastated the events and speaking industry. In this short, honest episode, Lee offers a dose of reality and encouragement for public and professional speakers everywhere.

Lee's website is and his book 'Get Good At Presenting' is available everywhere including Audible from here: 




Ep21 - Tips for speaking remotely/online/virtually due to the Coronavirus crisis - an interview with Alan Stevens. 

In the wake of the Corinonavirus lockdown, Lee speaks to speaker Alan Stevens who has been speaking remotely/online/virtually for many years from the comfort of his office! Alan has started a FB group too to discuss all things remote speaking.

How do you speak when there are no live audiences at the moment? How do you speak well from your office? How to keep an audience engaged. We tackle and answer these and many more questions in this episode.

Alans 'Remote Speaking' fb group is here: and his website is here: 

Lee's website is and his book 'Get Good At Presenting' is now on audible too: 

Ep20 - A fun episode with Lee's fellow speaker friends David Hyner, Nathan Littleton and John Hotowka. At the end of a day at his Speakers Mastermind* group, Lee interviews his friends and fellow speakers David, Nathan and John. They tall about their best and worse gigs and also give some presentation skills and marketing tips too. Enjoy the fun, fast-paced episode. 
David Hyner 
Nathan Littleton
John Hotowka 

*A Mastermind group is a business peer group where individuals learn from each other, get advice and also be accountable to each other to help grow their business. 

Ep19 - Lee interviews International Speaker Steve McDermott Part 2.
Lee and Steve have an in-depth talk about all things speaking, confidence, humour, speaking prep and a great story about about a dog bite! Enjoy part two of this content-packed two-parter! 

Steve's Biog:
Steve is recognised as one of Europe’s funniest, most insightful, motivational speakers and facilitators. Steve is also a broadcaster, businessman and author. His book “How to be a complete and utter failure in life, work and everything” is an international bestseller. Steve has won the prestigious European Motivational Speaker of the year award three times. He is at and 

Lee's book Get Good At Presenting is now out on Audible grab it now, it even has some extra content and an accompanying PDF too! 
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There may be an occasional "S-word" but nothin too rude I promise, hence the explicit warning on this podcast! 

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