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Ep18 - Lee interviews International Speaker Steve McDermott Part 1.
Lee and Steve have an in-depth talk about all things speaking, confidence, humour, speaking prep and a great story about about a dog bite! Enjoy part one of this content-packed two-parter! 

Steve's Biog:
Steve is recognised as one of Europe’s funniest, most insightful, motivational speakers and facilitators. Steve is also a broadcaster, businessman and author. His book “How to be a complete and utter failure in life, work and everything” is an international bestseller. Steve has won the prestigious European Motivational Speaker of the year award three times. He is at and 

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There may be an occasional "S-word" but nothin too rude I promise, hence the explicit warning on this podcast! 

Ep17 - Lee interviews Andy Cope aka "the Dr. of Happiness"! Yes, that's his name! Andy has spoken to thousands of people and people often mention him to me. So I had to get him on the show. We discuss happiness, wellbeing, anxiety, presentation nerves, "emotional soup!", being funny, after-dinner speaking, using music before gigs and lots of speaking skills including the difference between small and large audiences, all to help you to be a better speaker.
Please note that there is an occasional swear word on this episode, you know - 'the S-word', but it is not too bad I promise!
You can reach Andy Cope here... and on twitter he is...

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In this non-partisan, non-political (!) UK election special, Lee interviews Conservative MP presentation coach Graham Davies. Graham's clients are a who's who of the Conservative Party and he has worked with some of the most senior politicians in the land.  Beyond politics and policies though, this isn't a political podcast (!) - learn how a politician has to speak differently to other speakers and how some of the worst political speeches are also good to learn from too. A candid, fun and true learning experience with two people who are very different but come together to help you learn more about the art of science of speaking. They cover using lecterns, scripts. rehearsing, venue prep, using teleprompters and much more, enjoy.

Graham Davies is here: Lee is here: 

Ep15 - Interview with US-based Professional Speaker + YouTube viral sensation Coach Jim Johnson - made famous when his high school basketball game went viral after he substituted into the game the team manager J-Mac. J-Mac is an autistic young man who went on to score 20 points in 4 minutes! Hear more of the story here. Jim's website is here:

The videos and more info is here:



Ep14 - Stagecraft mastery, using mentors, experts and comedians! Lee chats to US-based Keynote Speaker Vinh Giang 

Lee has a great chat with Vinh Giang after seeing him light up the stage in the US in 2017. Vinh talks honestly about life, family, speaking mastery and how he combined magic and speaking to become the best version of himself on stage. There is also a great little geeky fact about a microphone that you'll love! 

Get Good At Presenting Ep13 - Lee talks this week to presentation slide expert and designer Dave Henson about Powerpoint and how to avoid making really bad slides that ruin your talk and reputation. Seriously bad slides are like the elephant in the room at conferences - and still, no-one seems to talk about it. Death by Powerpoint is still really bad in some cases. So Lee who's done research on this talks to his go-to guy Dave Henson -'The Slide Presentation Man' to try and find ways that you can make your slides as good as your talk! Don't let your slides ruin a great presentation. Dave Henson is here: and Lee's website is here and his course Powerpoint Surgery is here and is on offer: 

Get Good At Presenting Podcast Ep12 - What does a speaker need to always have in their bag wherever they are so they can work? And navigating the complex world of international speaking with Roger Harrop. Roger is one of the UK's most experienced international speakers and he shares with Lee what he always takes with him when working and how his magic speakers bag has gotten him out of trouble on the road thousands of miles away from home. Roger is here: and Lee's website is here: 

Ep11 - How to make your talks funnier, MC-ing events and what we can learn as speakers from putting together an Edinburgh Fringe Show with Speaker, MC and award-winning humorist Jeremy Nicholas. Jeremy or Jem as he is often known is a former BBC Radio host and experienced humourist and speaker, Lee and Jem have a funny and frank chat about being funnier on stage and how to survive 30 shows in a row in Edinburgh! Find out about Jem's new 2019 Edinburgh Festival show and his speaking here: and Lee's website is 

Ep10 - How to get your voice heard and engage an audience with incoming PSA President Steve Bustin. Steve is a former journalist and got into professional speaking and communication coaching fairly naturally, he is a speaker and presentation coach and works out of Brighton, in the UK. Learn how a journalist who introduced the internet to the BBC became a speaker, find out the importance of improv and why you should never use a written script when public speaking. A fun interview with a genuine expert. He is at and

Leon Bamforth is the current champion of the national speaking competition 'Speaker Factor'. Speaker Factor is the annual competition for the newer members of the Professional Speaking Associaton across the UK & Ireland. In this episode, Lee asks Leon to share what tips and tricks he took on board to go from a so-so speech to becoming the winner of a national competition in front of 200 professional speakers! You can find Leon at

Ep9 - How to win a speaking competition with Lee's guest, the award-winning speaker Leon Bamforth. 

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