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Ep 31 - Classical and data storytelling tips with Sam Knowles. Lee chats to Sam Knowles from Insight Agents about his love of classical stories and also the practical and big picture stuff around making data work in presentations. Data storytelling is something that is key to talks in the 21st century.

You can find Lee Jackson the Keynote Speaker and Presentation coach at 

You can contact Sam via his LinkedIn profile here 

Some links story related to the discussion too helpfully provided by Sam:
Robert McKee -
His book Story and Storynomics.
Lots of really interesting evidence, from Aristotle to Joseph Campbell, he of the hero’s journey.
For more on Jungian archetypes and how these underpin all myths around the world, Alexander 'Sandy' Dunlop runs something called the Cultural Myth School of Branding and can be found at
The US podcast, The Business of Story, presented by Park Howell
“The 5 Myths Trump Uses to Wield Power” (episode 234)
“7 Marketing Lessons from the myth of the Plague” (episode 260)
"A Practical Guide to the Story Cycle and Transformational Business Languages” (episode 33)
And finally, Sam's podcast, the Small Data Forum, is… They describe it as “a sideways look at the uses and abuses of data big and small in politics, business, and public life”.

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